What is natural health?

Natural Health is a term used in modern society and something that is almost taboo within the pharmaceutical industry, but in truth, natural health is nothing more than a person using nature to restore health and wellness in their body. 

It takes on average 186 days for your whole body to regenerate itself from the food you eat on a daily basis, so every 6 and a bit months you can have a whole new body. This has been going on your whole life and will continue to carry on until your last breath. Taking charge of the food you eat will become your superpower to a state of well-being and hopefully keep you in a healthy body for the duration of your stay here on earth. Being human, we sometimes like to experiment with the food we love to eat, and over time have become addicted to that which does not serve us, yet we carry on consuming the foods that make us ill, why is that? 

It often comes down to three factors: addictions, taste, and misinformation. All of this can be rectified if you make the decision to take back control of your well-being. Everything that we are, starts off in our gut, and for our health to change we don’t just have to change our minds but our gut health too – and this is done with the food we consume. Everything you eat will either promote good gut health or bad gut health. The best way to explain this is that a gut full of sugar will have bad gut health and a gut full of vegetables and fermented foods will have good gut health. When you are unhealthy, putting good quality food into your body will often be rejected. The same as when you are healthy and then binge eat sweets and fast foods. You generally feel ill – this is the gut bacteria talking to you. By your actions, you have grown either a good microbiome or a bad one and both will reject good or bad food depending on your state of being at the time. 


Our advice for anyone suffering from poor health would be to eat fermented cabbage, also known as sauerkraut. It is so simple to make and you only need two ingredients and a few math skills. The perfect ratio is 2% salt to however much finely chopped cabbage you have, ie. 1kg cabbage would need 20 grams of salt. Put your finely chopped cabbage into a big mixing bowl, add the salt, and then kneed your cabbage until it has released all the liquids, then you place it in a glass jar pressing it down until the liquid is covering the top of the cabbage solids. Allow it to rest for about two weeks, burping the jar as often as every evening by opening the lid to release the gas. Our next tip to improve gut health naturally would be to eat full-fat yoghurt.  Eating sauerkraut and full-fat yoghurt at the same time is like having gut health on steroids. Just one tablespoon of each before a meal is all you will need.


Starting the journey of natural healing is easy for some but for others is a little more difficult. And it often comes down to the urgency of the healing needed. If it’s a case of  ‘do or die’ then it’s easy to take the healing journey very seriously but for others, it may be that they simply want to alleviate some aches and pains, lose some weight, and just generally feel a little better. When we embark on the journey of natural health, like most things, progress is steady and slow. The right approach is to track the foods you’re eating and how they make you feel. Going from an unhealthy gut bacterium to a healthy gut bacteria can take as little as two to four days, but maintaining it is the key to your newfound natural health and it is very easy to slip up once you are feeling good again. 


When a person is in dire need of healing we can look to science or history and understand our bodies through the practice of learning metaphysics, a philosophy that uses broad concepts to help define reality and our understanding of it and how that relates to the body. So, it is said that if you’re having problems with your kidneys, that may be related to problems with criticism, disappointment, failure, or shame, it also could mean that you’re acting like a child. If for instance, you were having problems with your liver which is the seat of primitive emotions such as anger or hate, you could be in a state of chronic complaining, feeling bad, justifying, fault finding, or deceiving yourself. The body has a way of communicating to you through pain and this is done so that you can take some time to rest and reflect on why you’re feeling this way. Most diseases to date can be healed just by changing your mind and changing the way you think MIND OVER MATTER would be the key to understanding this concept, we are amazing beings yet we have forgotten what our capabilities are through the art of distraction.


When it comes to natural immune boosting, there are many foods you can incorporate into your daily diet. Natural Elixir is a good start and this health tonic is a great immune booster for the whole family. It has garlic, ginger, lemons, cayenne pepper/black pepper, sea salt, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar. All of the ingredients are of the finest quality and offer natural immune booster properties. 

Eating a proper diet and taking control of the food you eat should be your top priority. After all, it is the single most practiced exercise you’ll do your whole life.


There are no magical formulas that will fix you or a pill you can take that will heal you. But it’s rather what you don’t do that makes the difference to good health. An immune booster can help you get on your way to good health and natural organic health foods can assist you in healing your body, but you also need to be willing to change what you eat and drink, and how you think. 

Our bodies take instructions from our minds which are led by our thoughts, and to have a good healthy body you need to feed it good healthy food, good thoughts, regular exercise, and you need to take time to rest your body. 


  • Fasting or intermittent fasting is the number one way to a great healthy body. Giving your body some time to reset, use up the food you have given it, and excreted all the junk DNA (or bad cells in laymen’s terms). Autophagy is the term used, and basically, it would be the body removing all the junk it no longer needs. This can begin working from as little as not eating for 18 hours a day. You can train your body by moving your first meal of the day to 13H00 rather than first thing in the morning. Use increments of 15min a day so if you would normally eat at 08H00 start tomorrow off at 08:15 then the next day at 08H30 and so on until your having your first meal at 13H00 and then begin eating two meals a day rather than three. When you get used to fasting, then one meal a day will be enough.
  • Abstaining from C.R.A.P. food, ie. Carbonated drinks, Refined foods, Artificial foods, Processed anything.  All of the above should never be consumed because they are foreign to our bodies and promote inflammation in the body and all inflammation is the source of DIS-EASE.    
  • Exercise, rest, and grounding are other key ingredients to natural health. Taking some time each day for meditation or prayer is also a great way to understand your body and give it the opportunity to heal naturally – all are equally as important as the other. 

In short, there are many ways to naturally heal your body and the journey to good health should be the first thing you think of each day and the last thing you think of before you go to bed each night. Planning is key to achieving a healthy body – naturally.

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