The birth of Natural Elixir

By the time he reached 35, Brett was informed by his doctor that “he should get his affairs in order within the next 6 weeks”, he was dying. 

The list of chemicals found in his blood tests was like nothing the pathology staff had ever seen. His weight tipping the scales at 157kg, and almost every vital life sustaining system within his body was on the verge of complete failure.

What transpired before the official opening of Natural Elixir serves to reaffirm the love and skill that goes into producing product of consistently high standards.
As Brett explained, “I was a DJ from the age of 15, and around this time began using a number of elicit substances associated with the dance scene.”

Natural Elixir was founded as the result of personal experience, and from humble beginnings has grown into a successful business. Brett Austin founded the company 11 years ago and has dedicated himself to healthy living and healing ever since, through using plants and whole foods.

“I went home, and two very important things happened that day”

Brett never again went to a doctor, but instead began a search for the means to heal his body and mind. Although he had used a number of narcotics, by his own admittance preferred not to use medicines. The search for a means to heal his kidneys, liver, lungs and other organs soon proved fruitful as he realised that the only logical options lay with the plant and whole food approach to healing as nature intended.

Through hours of research, trial and error and using himself as a “test subject”, Brett began to change his mind-set, and in turn integrated the healing abilities of natural foods into his life. What all of his efforts revealed was the incredible effect that simple whole foods like garlic, turmeric and mushrooms could make in curing what modern science has yet to explain. He proceeded to lose 67kg without unnatural and strict dieting. His metabolic systems regained the ability to function, and through consistently educating himself he proceeded to exceed the 6 week “do or die” timeframe that had changed his life in so many ways. 

There are very few brands that are able to stand by the product they produce, but Natural Elixir genuinely can.  
With exciting plans to expand their range and extend the healing touch of nature through tried and tested products, this down to earth team push into 2022, fuelled by the healing power of Mother Nature herself

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  1. Dan Carpenter says:

    I found this gave me a lot more energy after just a couple weeks, and I wasn’t very reliable – missed a day here n there, double shot some days and no shots the next – and it still made a really noticeable difference!

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