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Natural Elixir Classic

Boost your immune system with NATURAL ELIXIR CLASSIC – the original recipe and the most popular, the classic contains the spicy but hugely beneficial CAYENNE PEPPER in it's ingredients.

Natural Elixir LITE

Boost your immune system with NATURAL ELIXIR LITE – all the nice without the spice! The Cayenne pepper in Natural Elixir has been replaced with Black pepper in this “LITE” variant, for added turmeric absorption and a milder taste.

Natural Elixir CBD

Natural Elixir CBD INFUSED brings valuable healing properties associated with CBD extract, including: relief from chronic pain, regulating and helping prevent diabetes, helping depression, regulating seizures, helping treatment for glaucoma, alleviates anxiety, slows Alzheimer’s, reduces arthritis pain, offers relief from MS, treats inflammatory bowel disease, and reduces side effects linked to hepatitis C. THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol content: less than 0.01%