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Given that the body does all the healing by itself when it’s environment is right, it is best to choose a health tonic that heals naturally. The body responds to its habitual patterns and you are the driving force to a healthy or unhealthy body by your actions alone. By this we mean it is time for you to reflect on your daily habits and begin to design your future self and the way you would like to feel by the choices you make in each moment going forwards.


If you’re happy with how your body feels then the choices you have made up until now have been good. If however, you’re sitting on the fence and have realised that something must change then it would be wise to recognise that you have the power to change your daily habits.

Finding the best health solution for you can be a daunting task, but in truth this task will set you free from your suffering.

When choosing your health tonic one should have a look at the healing properties of all the ingredients within it to see if they will have a positive effect on your body and will give you the desired outcome you’re looking for. Bear in mind that no health tonic will cure you but rather aid you in your healing process. Everything then comes down to the choices we make moment by moment every day.

Everything you consume is either fighting disease or healing. You are making these decisions daily by what you feed your body, what you are drinking, and how much physical exercise you are doing. A health tonic that heals naturally should not be filled with honey, sugar, or preservatives for that matter as they are counterproductive to healing. So choose wisely when deciding what you would like to achieve and how quickly you would like to see your results. 


Never be fooled by any health tonic claiming that this health tonic is good for energy but rather understand how your body works and then choose your health tonic accordingly.

When your body is healthy you will have childlike energy, and have all the power you need to get through your day, but claiming that your health tonic gives you energy would be like saying I can make a fire without any wood. A health tonic is designed to heal the body naturally and to remove the toxins in the body that are slowing you down or giving you the perceived idea of pain or feeling lethargic.

“You should service your car whilst it’s running well, and not wait for a red error light, or until you car is broken down on the highway. The same applies to your body.”

Brett Austin, Natural Elixir founder

Your body uses calories for energy and that can come in many forms, eg. carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. People often tell you that their health tonic gives them all the energy they need to get through the day but in truth, they have started making better choices for their body and that is giving them the energy they need. Exercising your body will give you more energy. Eating food with life in it will give you more energy throughout the day. Fasting one meal a day will give you more energy throughout the day, and taking some time out of your busy schedule to do a nature walk will also give you more energy.

Drinking a health tonic will cleanse your body and aid you in removing the parts of yourself that are keeping you feeling sluggish. A great analogy would be how often you service your car. Most people will say when the lights on the dash go on, but how often do you see a person screaming down the highway with smoke bellowing from their exhaust – we humans do the same. We push our bodies too hard and then wonder why we are out of balance or in a state of disease. 


Given that we have been misinformed for most of our life by our monkey see monkey do attitude, most of the people you meet will be searching for answers to their problems and generally they will take advice from a friend or from an article they read. If you look up the meaning of tonic in the oxford dictionary the definition is: A MEDICINAL SUBSTANCE TAKEN TO GIVE A FEELING OF VIGOUR OR WELL-BEING. If a tonic is loaded with caffeine or sugar or any form of stimuli it will give you a short-lived moment of relief or energy but it will not serve your desired goals which are to feel amazing all the time.

A health tonic drink is something that will enter your body, it may or may not taste very good but it will move through the body relieving you of pain and it will create a healthy environment and naturally heal your body from within. The ingredients of a health tonic are plentiful as we have the whole of Mother Nature to choose from and thousands of years’ practice healing our bodies. A health tonic should be taken daily or as prescribed by your doctor or dietician. It should also be taken in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise for the best results. 


Natural Elixir was born out of necessity and was first used to heal its founder who was given six weeks to live by a medical doctor – 11 years ago. Since then Brett Austin has been studying plants and their healing abilities and helping many other people heal themselves naturally.

When we look at the ingredients of Natural Elixir we see the myriad of healing benefits each plant has on offer and when put together you have a healing tonic that surpasses them all, one can grasp this fact after your very first shot.

Natural Elixir ingredients have been selected for their healing properties and how well they work within the body to assist in healing our internal organs collectively and aid in removing toxins and carcinogens from the body. Because of its high demand Natural Elixir is made fresh every week as it has no preservatives except for the natural preservatives found within the plants and the Sea Salt used. Natural Elixir has been designed in such a way that it has no sugar or honey in its formulae thus allowing all the other plants to do their job without the body needing to fight off the sugars, which are counterproductive to healing the body naturally. We are so confident at Natural Elixir about our brand that if you don’t feel a considerable difference after trying our product for a month, (although it would be best to do a six-month trial for your best results) we offer a money-back guarantee. 

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    May I know if this tonic assist in weight gain after a long illness and loss of weight and muscles.

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