Growing up is inevitable

We want change, but will we be that change? How often do you stop and look at yourself, not in the sense of your reflection in the mirror, I’m talking about who you are in this world and how it all works? 

Your “inner feng shui” is the state of your being; the quality of your thoughts and feelings. For every person this should be a guiding light to a better you. 

Brett Austin

Over time or as we grow up in this experience called life, we are given this body which has the ability to show us our own health barometer. We need to listen to our body’s signals and respond accordingly.

12years ago big Pharma failed me.

It was then that I discovered that for every organ in our body that was unhealthy there was a plant that could help in the repair of that organ naturally. 

Garlic has amazing benefits also known to help and treat-Angina, asthma, bronchitis, cold & flu, high blood pressure, ear infections to name a few of its amazing health benefits, and also keeps the witches at bay.

Turmeric has been known to treat-arthritis, asthma, cataracts, gallstones, gout, liver disease, smoking addiction and toothache & those are so few the list just goes on and on.

Ginger has been known for its powerful effects in treating Ear infection, colds &flu, arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis, headaches, morning sickness, nausea and sinus infections.

Cayenne pepper best known for its treatment of HANGOVERS in a Bloody Mary but keep this a virgin Mary as fighting a hangover only delays your body’s recovery time, it helps with nerve pain, Headaches, pneumonia, bruises and cuts and scrapes.

Cinnamon for treating bladder infection, diverticulosis, circulation, regulation of blood sugar levels, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties for the one night you regret.

Chaga mushroom known for its anti-inflammatory properties is well known for its effects in healing things like high blood pressure, arthritis, can help lower your blood sugar and even slow down the progression of cancer cells and may even clear the pineal gland the principal seat of your soul, who wouldn’t want that connection turned back on?  

“make the necessary changes needed, and you will find peace and harmony within your body and spirit”

Let’s not put a band aid on 

We can numb ourselves with pills, we can turn off receptors and neurons, to hide the fact that we are sick, and we can carry on unconsciously. But in the end all of that will eventually catch up to you, and you will have to face up to your own demons and the pain that you have created. 

If however you are willing to look at yourself subjectively and make the necessary changes needed, you will find peace and harmony within your body and spirit. Think of the body as energy in motion – what you think and feel, and who you surround yourself with, will become you. If you have found yourself living unconsciously and thus created a negative environment leading to negativity at any point, you can change this too. This is the beauty of free will, you may however upset your crowd or the people you hang out with because that will in turn possibly make them face up to their demons too.


Natural elixir started out in my kitchen at home. Growth is looking at yourself and letting go of any stubborn problems or negative aspects that no longer fit, growth is understanding that you will age and that your body will suffer if you don’t look after it.

Growth for me was realising that my personal life-saving concoction that was cobbled, boiled and stewed in my own kitchen, only ever designed for my own consumption, was now growing far beyond it’s original design purpose, and far beyond it’s humble beginnings, into a powerful agent of change to help so many other people’s lives.

And with that growth came an unexpected personal reward for me, far outreaching the initial goal of saving my own life, the product fills me with pride and joy every time I hear of another life it’s helped change, whether dramatically or just for the better.

Life, love and cherish your life to the full.

by Brett Austin

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