Change begins with you

Nature is full of life, energy and resources and our earth has everything we need for both life and death and by our very conscious or unconscious choices we can have both.

The best way to deal with chronic illness is to strengthen the resistance of the body so as to help the body’s immune system remove poisons and toxins, remembering that your whole body is your immune system. 

All illnesses are the accumulation of improper thought patterns and unconscious eating and drinking – and that is all there is to understanding the human body. So when you want change the only person who needs to change is you!


One thing that I myself had to learn on the natural healing process was the ability to be patient, proper thoughts how to flush the body and perseverance. It takes 198 days for the body to replace all of its cells so a little over 6 ½  months, and our body has this ability to heal itself from the moment we decide we want to heal it. Modern medicine practitioners have not forgotten this understanding of the body they just have not been taught it so they have no real understanding of how everything is connected and the best place to start with one’s health is on your dinner plate.

Everything you consume will either aid you in your healing or it will exasperate you in your suffering and truth be told your body knows the truth, it knows what you don’t like yet we unconsciously treat it badly with our inability to listen to it, the body has to obey the mind, that’s is its function. The mind however is asleep and wrongly programmed by the Ego and the spirit sits back and allows the chaos to unfold gracefully till you eventually hit rock bottom.

When you seek you shall find, ask and ye shall receive.

All of us have a breaking point when we decide enough is enough and then we go on the journey of self-healing. To best know yourself take 1 hour a day to be still, sit down clear your mind and be still, be still with your body, be still with your ego, be still with your mind, be still with your spirit and be still with the universe.

Ask a question and the answer will be shown to you, seek your healing and it will come to you, the Brand Natural Elixir was born from being still and the need for healing, when I was forced to be still I was shown how nature has a way of being both good for us and bad for us but allowing us to have the unconscious experience none the less.

 We are all energy in motion Nature is energy in motion made up of nutrients sunlight and the finest water and a frequency of life and healing, and when you understand this you will consciously make better decisions at each meal, you will consciously make better choices for your body, and you will consciously become more and more aware of how your body is feeling, but most of all you will become more and more aware of the words you speak over your body and how it affects you.

All healing begins in the mind and your body will tell you what it needs if you listen to it, your spirit will guide you to Mother Earths NATURAL ELIXIRS and your Ego will thank you, because a healthy mind , a healthy body, and a healthy spirit gives light to an amazing experience hear on this beautiful planet while sailing through the universe. 

Love Brett Austin. 

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